Condocare is a new face in the Edmonton Property Management industry. Our team has a wide and knowledgeable background in the Edmonton property management industry. We have seen some of the shortcomings of the other service providers, as a result we formed Condocare with the intention of retooling the industry with our best practices.

Condocare has the intention of being a leading Edmonton Property Manager.

For every condominium project that we manage or decide to take on we constantly analyse its operations against the following tool in order to create the greatest operational and financial value for its owners and residents. Every condominium building is different in terms of the factors that affect it. We work closely with the board of directors to see where we can create the highest value.


Which services should be raised well above the industry’s standard?


Which services should be eliminated because its costs out weight its benefits.


Which services should be created that the condominium has never offered?


Which services should be reduced well below the industry’s standard?