• 24/7 Availability

    Yes, emergencies do happen. You can rest assured your building will have 24/7 building emergency services. Outside office hours, simply contact us at our regular telephone number and you will be directed to emergency services. They have the information at their fingertips to take the necessary steps to solve the problem; minimizing damage to the building and the discomfort of residents.

  • Financial Administration

    No ifs, ands or buts, your financial statements will be ready for distribution every month. You’ll appreciate receiving copies of all paid invoices so that you can easily understand everything that has been posted to your account. Your statements will be prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

  • Building Repairs and Maintenance

    We will help steer you towards solid research and sound information that will help you maintain the value of your asset long-term. We are focused on helping you obtain the best contract terms and prices available. Regardless of the size, location, construction and age of your building there will be issues that arise surrounding its maintenance and operations. We encourage open discussion of any issue or concerns that come up.

  • Full Legal Support

    Buildings and the people that live in the building change so rules and policies need to adapt to any changes. We assist owners in interpreting existing bylaws as well as present new ones that will allow the building to operate smoothly.  We will pursue appropriate actions on arrears, as per the direction of the board. Prepare appropriate documents to ensure compliance with any regulatory authorities, including the CRA.

  • General Administration

    Our services includes everything from the compilation and preparation of notices to owners,  minutes, financials/year-end audit, proxies, ballots, agendas, and owner list. Maintain a permanent file for the Corporation that includes the by-laws, plans and specifications, insurance policies, correspondence, invoices, and all other relevant documents.

  • Insurance and Risk Management

    Purchasing insurance is just one requirement placed on Board / Council members. Through extensive negotiations with several Canadian insurance companies, we have achieved greater coverage with lower deductibles and premiums for our clients. Let us review your coverage to ensure your building if fully covered!

  • Employee Management

    You can count on us to draft employee contracts and job descriptions that align with the needs of your building. Our Mission Statement sets the tones for the relationships we establish with our client and employees:
    • Assume people come to work to do the best job they can.
    • Respect is earned by demonstrating it.

  • Environmentally Sound Practices

    Environmental initiatives are important. We are committed to conducting operations in a manner that protects our clients’ assets, the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, building occupants and the communities in which we do business.