Need for Speed

Condo owners and board of directors have needs, including:

  1. Rapid access to financial information in real time
  2. Strategic vision provided to the company
  3. Self-service financial insight for everyone involved
  4. Flexible, yet secure access to key information for external stakeholders


Innovation in Action

After a one-day implementation and just two more days for Power User training, previously time-consuming financial reports were created in minutes. Within one week, your property will gain tangible results. The data integrity will greatly improve, as well the security of the information. “Everyone now gets the same outcome in real time, instead of working with multiple versions of the truth.


Visibility to Client Base

}} Condocare managed properties gain visibility with real-time financial reports.

}} Board of directors are empowered with critical information.

}} We secures time for valuable analysis.


Unlike us, most other property managers spend far too much time manipulating data in error-prone spreadsheets and emailing unsecured information to related parties. So much time is spent preparing the numbers that nearly no time was available for strategic analysis of the property.

Property managers are also challenged with providing financial information to non-finance business users. User requests for information often pour in as the management team struggles to keep up with requests. The lag time leads to unsatisfied users who couldn’t get relevant information when they needed it most.