A small townhouse company has different property management needs than a large high-rise condominium building. This fact may seem self-evident, but condo property management Edmonton can vary in terms of needs and scope and a good management company should be able to adapt. Fortunately, for us, while the scope of services might be different for each client, the quality and integrity of those services does not. Condocare can provide custom-tailored condo property management Edmonton owners need in the following areas:

Administrative Services

Community Services

Condominium Services

Financial Services

Maintenance Management

The concerns faced by condo communities have many similarities and many differences compared to clients requiring commercial property management in Edmonton, which is why these are separate and distinct services.Particularly for larger clients, having a dedicated property management company is essential. When dealing with high-end communities, discerning residents expect nothing but the best in service. That is why Seven offers their 24 hour, 7 day emergency hotline, so that residents know that they can be well taken care of, even in the event of an after-hours emergency.

We have a dedication to serving both the board of directors and the residents of a given community. Both residents and community leaders must feel positive about the services that SEVEN provides for the community to thrive.