There are many aspects to condo management Edmonton companies provide. One aspect is ensuring that a particular condo association remains in compliance with the Condominium Act. This law is extremely important, as it governs the rights and responsibilities of condominium owners, boards of directors, residents, and other stakeholders. Half of new residential construction in Ontario consists of condos, and over one million people currently call a condominium unit home, so this law affects a large portion of the population.

Condocare is intimately familiar with the Condominium Act and all of its requirements.

To help with compliance, SEVEN helps the board of directors with many of the following tasks:

  • Maintaining a register of owners and unit files and ensuring it is kept up-to-date
  • Ensuring residents know and abide by the Declaration, By-laws, Rules and Regulations, and Condominium Act in each community ICC serves
  • Completing status certificates in compliance with the Condominium Act and Regulations
  • Preparing and distributing notices and Annual General Meeting packages for the Board of Directors
  • Attending all mandatory monthly and annual meetings
  • Managing the corporate insurance policies
  • Producing a compliant management report 2 days before each regular monthly board meeting, including agenda, minutes, reports, requests, work progress reports, and other important data.

In addition, as a skilled condominium management company, SEVEN knows how to handle resident requests and suggestions to ensure they make it to the right people. Through complying with these requirements, SEVEN helps the board of directors for each condo community maintain a high standard of living for residents. Our team is knowledgeable and diligent, with a firm commitment to excellence in delivering these important administrative functions to each of their clients.