A resident living in a condominium is part of a larger community. Whether in a high-rise, a sprawling complex, or a smaller multi-unit building, it is important for those who live there to feel connected to their neighbors, the board of directors, and those who manage the property. Proper condo property management involves good communication as well as good service.

Condocare understands the need for good communication, which is why they strive to provide comprehensive community services in addition to the condominium management services they provide to their book of clients.

For new residents and owners, SEVEN ensures that a welcome package is issued so that they can be made aware of the rules, regulations, and policies of their new home. SEVEN also releases a quarterly newsletter that helps keep everyone up to date on community events, policy changes, and other happenings.

This attention to detail is what sets SEVEN apart from other condominium management companies Edmonton has to offer. Aside from welcome packets and newsletters, it is also important for residents to receive copies of the board meeting minutes each month. SEVEN ensures these minutes are posted around the community in accessible places so residents can stay up to date.

The emphasis on good communication increases residents’ compliance with the governing documents of the condo, and enables the board and management to enforce the policies and rules articulated in the declaration and by-laws more effectively. In addition, SEVEN develops the procedures required to effectuate this enforcement, including recording infractions, providing acceptable notices, and pursuing any actions required to ensure further conformity.

All of these practices are underscored by SEVEN’s dedication to a core set of values: integrity, service to residents and the board, excellence, and respect. SEVEN works with each individual client to determine which services they need in order to maintain a clean and happy community.