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The clients that SEVEN serves range from smaller operations to large high-rise buildings and complexes. Regardless of size, each client receives individualized attention. The focus on customer satisfaction is what makes Condocare of the best condominium management companies Edmonton has to offer.

Efficiency is a necessity when dealing with any aspect of condo management. Maintenance issues need to be addressed expeditiously, as do resident and owner requests and suggestions. Appropriate staffing also needs to be on hand to coordinate contractors, receive payments, and perform day to day housekeeping and upkeep.

SEVEN understands that their duties to their clients are actually on two fronts: one, to the board of directors that handles the policies and regulations for the condominium community, and two, to the residents who call that community home. That is why they are fully equipped to deal with both front- and back-end matters.

For the board of directors, SEVEN provides a full complement of administrative condominium management services, from conducting regular meetings, to maintaining financial records and basic bookkeeping. For residents, SEVEN stands ready to handle maintenance needs at a moment’s notice.

All of the services that ICC provides are in compliance with the Condominium Property Act, as well as local rules and ordinances.

For experience, knowledge, and professionalism, SEVEN real estate stands ready to serve.

Managing a condominium complex can be an enormous undertaking. There are several aspects to effective condo property management, from basic physical maintenance and upkeep to complicated legal and financial condominium management services that need specialized expertise.